How To Start Your Blog Today {Complete Free Step-By-Step Beginner’s Guide From Start to Finish}

How To Start Your Blog Today

Blogging is a Good Activities For Student and other People.Today we know How to Start a Blog and make is Successful.Blogging is Start earliest blogs started in the late 1990s as online diaries.Blog is a discussion Platform were we share our knowledge and or information published on the World Wide.People Read our Blog and Like our post and Share.

How to Start a Blog

Blogging is becoming a trend now days. No matter for whatever reason, you are blogging or want to start a new Blog, but everyone around have a blog. Someone is on BlogSpot, someone is using or self-hosted blog,People use Different source and platform for blogging.

What is a Blog?

A blog originally came from the word “weblog” or a “web log”.The term “weblog” was coined back in 1997. Back then, a blog was a lot like an online journal or diary.Blogging is the act of writing a post for a blog.
Blogging: The act of writing a post for a blog
Blogger: A person who writes content for a blog
Blogosphere: The online community of blogs and bloggers.
What’s the Difference Between a Blog and a Website?
Nothing. A blog is a website. It’s actually a specific kind of site, called a Content Management System (CMS for short). There are several popular content management systems used today, but in this tutorial, we will be focusing on the WordPress Content Management System

Why Should You Start a Blog?

For Your Business
For Individuals
Earn Money with a Blog
Become a better person.
Improve your writing.

How to Start a Blog the Right Way

Step 1: Decide What You Want To Blog About your Blogging Niche

First you Choose your Niche and What you know and your interest.Make blog about your Niche Like Game and other Stuff what your Like.
Help People
Provide News
Share your Experience with people.
Find Your Niche

Step 2: Find a Domain Name Choose Blog Name

Find good Name and Be Unique name For Blog.Find Good Domain Name and Buy Domain Name and Register your Domain.your can use Blog-spot Free Domain.Finding a domain name and web hosting provider.
For example:
You Domain Name
Choose Brand Domain Name
Choose Memorable Name
and Business Related Name

STEP 3: Decide Blogging platforms you’ll use.(Choose a Platform)

Getting Started – Choose your Blogging Platform (WordPress)
Blogger: e.g.
Hosted WordPress: e.g.
Self-Hosted WordPress: e.g.

Step 4: Find a Web Host for Your Blog platform

You can use Free Platform and Also Use Paid Platform For Blogging.If you are New Then Use Free Source.After Learn Then use Paid Hosting and Buy Hosting and Continuous your Blogging Journey.

Step 5: WordPress [ Set Up & Install WordPress ]

Installing WordPress
1.One-Click-installation for Websites like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla
1. Log in to your hosting account.
2. Go to your control panel.
3. Look for the “WordPress” icon.
4. Choose the domain where you want to install your website.
5 .Choose Name and Password
6. Click the “Install Now” button and you should get access to your NEW WordPress website.
Understanding the WordPress Dashboard
Installing a New Plugin (add some cool features to your blog)
Configuring your blog search engine friendly.
Log in to your new account and install WordPress blog

Step 6: Add Your Theme WordPress and Blogger

Log into your WordPress dashboard
Use Free WordPress Theme.Million of WordPress Theme.we Can use Free WordPress Theme.Access FREE’ve got access to over 1000+ free themes.
After Find Theme with keyword Install your new theme and Upload your WordPress Theme.
Free Themes
Premium Themes

Step 7 :Configure, Design your blog

Make a difference. You want to help people take control of their personal finance? Start your own blog. You wish people would exercise more, take healthier meals and rest better? Start a blog.
Get published. The world is changing, and traditional publishers are falling into irrelevance. Smart authors now make a blog, build a loyal audience and publish their works. This approach works always.
Make money. It takes time and commitment but people make real money from blogs. I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars myself from blogging. And many folks I’ve taught how to create a blog are doing fine too.

Step 8: Benefits of blogging

Become a better writer and thinker
Establish yourself as an expert
Increase your self-confidence
Make friends and have fun
Make money from your blog

Step 9 : What People Think About Blogging 

Every Blogger Need Money and Want to earn money Fast.Blogging Need Handwork.
TrafficEvery Blogger Dream Million of is True or Not.if we Do Handwork we Drive Good Traffic.
It’s Fun!

Step 10 : SEO

Do SEO of your Blog.Learn About SEO and Rank your Blog in Search Engine.
Original content
Add content regularly
Build relevant backlinks
Theme is SEO optimized
Fast loading
permalink structure
social media profiles

Step 11 : How to Monetize Your Blog

Pay Per Click Advertising PPC
Google AdSense
Cost Per Mile Advertising CPM
Set Up  Affiliate Marketing
Product Reviews
Direct Ad Sales
Create, Sell, And Advertise Your Own Product

Step 12 : Security threats

Keep backups
Update your Blog Plugin and Theme
Use Good Security Plugin

Step 13 : Promote your Blog Share On Facebook, Pinterest, And Google+ Twitter

Promote your Blog on Social Media,Share On Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, And Google+
Write A Blog Post A Day
Set Up An Email Capture Service

Blogging Tips After Start Blog

Be Original
Be Interesting
Be Yourself
Be Honest
Don’t Expect to Become a Millionaire
Congratulations you have now taken the first steps to starting your new blog!
Hope it will Helpful for your if your Need Any Help Freely Contact us.Give your feed Back.Thank you.

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